Purnima is the Operations & People Director at Sparta Global

When Purnima started her career in technology there was no clear career path set out for her. With a degree and masters in economics, Purnima ended up in technology almost by accident.      

Her IT career started when she joined a company called Sun Systems. Whilst at this company Purnima got a really good understanding and appreciation of technology. Although she isn’t technical herelf Purnima began to understand a lot of the jargon being used in the business. 

She realised that if you want to work in an innovative sector you need to work in IT. It was a sector where you could be creative as well as innovative. After working at Sun Systems she spent 16 years working in an IT consultancy before moving to Sparta Global. 

Show Notes:

00.44 Purnima’s career and experiences 

04.10 Sparta Global is transforming graduates 

09.09 Culture and values at Sparta Global

15.24 Overcoming generational differences 

19.56 Is ‘career’ a damaging word?

24.27 Diversity of thought 

26.43 Embedding diversity into your company’s DNA

28.37 Working with Center Point 

35.03 Using Sparta Global’s graduate scheme