In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Phil Wood, a people partner at Swoon Editions. They discuss personal development, internships, and retraining staff. They also chat about the importance of having a social element to your business and the best practices for on-boarding.

Before working for Swoon Editions Phil worked for MVF, one of the fastest growing marketing technology companies in the UK. He has also spent time as the Head of Talent for Transport for London and a Resourcing and Organisational change manager for the Olympic delivery authority. He graduated from Essex University with a Bsc (Hons), in Sports and exercise science. 


Show Notes:  

1.06 What areas of HR do you feel can be disrupted and what areas are changing.

3.37 What were your experiences like when you were being trained for your career and how’s that different from the realities of your role.

5.50 Personal development, internships and being a responsible employer when coming to on-boarding.

9.00 The difficulty when retaining staff in the current market.

10.29 Encouraging big corporations to give back to communities by building fairer apprenticeships.

12.20 Looking at retention in technology and how has HR had to change their strategy to motivate people to stay in a company.

14.48 The way that people approach business and work and incorporating a social aspect to your work.

17.57 How do HR teams conduct themselves internally.

19.13 What are some characteristic that have served you well in a career in HR.

20.24 Were you influenced by people or did you pick up your skills through work alone.

23.33 Why you should always be seeking external feedback.

24.52 What technologies are you most excited about that are on the verge of coming into fruition.

26.20 Applying data to roles in HR.