Jeremy is Head of Software Engineering at News UK

A self-taught coder at the age of 33 Jeremy pivoted into technology later in his career after working in a financial company, Barclays and running his own consultancy. His work in the city saw him running teams in London, NYC & Singapore, and this, combined with his love of working with people saw him take a management role in News UK.  

As the Head of Software Engineering Jeremy is responsible for nurturing and developing software engineers across the business. His aim is to make News UK a target destination for the best software engineers in the UK with a focus on skills and career development.

Show Notes

01.03 Teaching yourself to code at 33

04.53 Starting with a Sinclair Spectrum:  Building an IT career with limited resources

06.45 The ‘ASK’ model – Attitude, Skill, Knowledge

10.43 Battling personal bias in the interview process

12.36 “If you get ‘good’ people you can do much more with them”  

15.25 First understand your problem then learn how to fix it

19.06 Autonomy is a key factor in attracting the top talent  

23.57 The best thing you can be is happy

28.18 Never be afraid to change career, find whatever’s right for you