How Tech and Creative People Collaborate | Phaedra Marshall

Leadership Styles
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Phaedra Marshall is Vice President of Technology at Critical Mass, a digital experience design agency with a particular focus on the customer. For more than two decades, Critical Mass has been designing meaningful customer experiences in the digital space that transform clients’ businesses through interactions that are convenient, useful, simple, and entertaining. Their expertise spans Strategy Consulting, Experience Design, Marketing Communications, Implementation, and Marketing Science, and has been recognized as a leader in digital experience design with agency rankings from Advertising Age, Warc 100 and Gartner, among others.

With over 17 years of experience in developing software, architecting solutions, and managing technical projects, Phaedra is a subject matter expert in speaking engagements, industry events, and thought leadership ideas and publications. We discussed how technology and creative people collaborate and how to lead them effectively.