Steve Thair is Co-Founder of DevOps Group.

Steve founded DevOps guys in 2013 after a 20+ year career in IT infrastructure and operations to help organisations simplify the management of their online applications by leveraging DevOps practices to improve the delivery, performance, and time-to-market of the entire software development pipeline. He blogs extensively on DevOps at the DevOpsGuys Blog and has presented at numerous meetups, webinars, and conference to evangelise the benefits of DevOps.

DevOps Group

The DevOps Group delivers IT transformation at the speed of disruption, by building DevOps capabilities within its clients. Enabling businesses to continually meet the relentlessly increasing demands of delivering great digital customer experiences.

As a next-generation digital business with hands-on experience at enterprise scale, DevOps Group’s services enable clients to stay ahead of the tech curve, empower transformation leaders and unlock business agility.


Steve explains the hippo principle and how it can affect your business. Andy asks Steve where he gets his ideas from. They discuss building a DevOps community and how one can leverage the open-source tech community.

Show Notes:

00.20 Creating a community around infrastructure.

03.52 Collaboration and innovation in tech.

06.07 Discussing DevOps meetups.

10.14 Creating an environment where staff can grow.

15.06 The hippo principle.

20.03 Finding inspiration.

26.07 Failing fast.

34.18 Keeping focused.   

40.18 Being consistent in your career.