Samir is a data strategy and analytics expert and currently founder and CEO at Datazuum.

Samir works with companies to help create and execute data strategies. His current clients include; high-end luxury, retail, aerospace & defense, government, postal, telecoms, banking, utilities, insurance, mutual Insurance, and media.

He advises board members, the C-suite and directors on how to get the most out of their datasets. Samir loves to use data to tell stories. Seeing clients extract value from data is a real motivator for him.

Show Notes:

00.35 Connecting with people using podcasts.

05.34 Hire talent that is committed to growing professionally.

09.17 Taking a disciplined approach to work.

12.53 The benefits of podcasting.

19.13 Samir’s background and career progression.

26.17 Did you ever get frustrated with the corporate world?

31.02 Taking your business from idea stage to full time.

35.34 How the people around you can help you succeed.