In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Tom Whicher, a founder of DrDoctor. Tom tells Andy about how he started working in the healthtech sector. They discuss why implementing a technological change in a business requires a cultural shift from your staff. Andy also asks Tom about the challenges he’s had to overcome when founding a business.

DrDoctor Mission statement
Our mission is simple. Put patients first, and use technology to create transformational change in healthcare. We believe in gentle disruption – working with existing processes and teams to create change from the inside out. So the right patient is seen at the right place and the right time. Used by over 5 million patients, across 16 NHS Hospital sites, the DrDoctor platform revolutionises patient experience by improving communication and agency, while delivering multi-million-pound efficiency and efficacy savings.

Show Notes:

1.05 Getting started with your own startup.

2.30 Along your journey so far how many challenges have you had to overcome.

4.53 Embedding a cultural change within your company before introducing a new technology to your business.

7.21 Does it surprise you how long it takes larger companies to adopt new technologies?

9.13 Navigating technology and how to navigate the future?

11.25 Are there elements of external communication and collaboration when you are innovating?

12.56 Have you seen a rise in competition in the health tech space?

14.40 Is there a focused effort on financing the health tech sector?

16.45 Why it’s worth disrupting the health sector with tech.

18.41 Changing attitudes through disruption.

21.09 What’s your plan moving forward with your business?