How technology is driving Healthcare Innovation – Ryan Kerstein

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In this episode of Venturi’s Voice, Andy talks to Ryan Kerstein about healthcare innovation. Ryan is a Medtech innovator, Surgeon & Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group… We discuss what it means to innovate and how he became such a prolific innovator after already having a career in medicine.

Ryan is a surgeon with 10 years of clinical Practice, he trained as a Plastic Surgeon, working in major teaching hospitals in London, Oxford and Newcastle. Publishing 12 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and authored a textbook chapter.

As a Medtech Innovator, he Co-founded two startups that have raised two rounds of funding and rolled out various product developments thus far.

Due to his experience, Ryan was appointed National Innovation Lead for BAPRAS the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and awarded a post as a Clinician Entrepreneur.

Show Notes:

What does Ryan do for his career? 1.05

The start of Ryans desire to innovate 2.05

Tourni-strip 3.10

How did Ryan become an entrepreneur, was it learning or innate? 5.05

Being drawn to surgery and quick solutions 5.51

People who inspired Ryan professionally 7.06

Feeling despondent with the lack of innovation within the NHS 8.12

Friction and problems when building up different innovation groups 12.35

The disconnect between what innovation can bring and what is expected 13.54

Getting other people on board to get a project moving 15.03

Projects Ryan has been involved in during the last year at BCG 17.09

Equal weighting for everyone in team meetings 17.49

The benefit of being able to look at a team from the outside 18.30

Really good teamwork and leadership examples Ryan has seen 19.45

The possible next big changes in technology for Ryan 22.31

In a team who drives the project; the leader or the people? 24.04

Advice for being more of a prolific innovator 25.13

The importance of knowing how to build your team 26.06

Don’t chose the same people as you 26.54