Alex is the CEO of Dovetail Lab

Alex is an experienced company director, entrepreneur and project manager. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dovetail Lab, a software company that has developed a blockchain platform to pioneer better information sharing in healthcare by giving patients control of their data. 

A majority stake in Dovetail has recently been acquired by EMIS Group plc, an AIM-listed health technology company that currently provides clinical systems to approximately 60% of GPs in the UK.

Facilitating communication between health & social care

Creating clear lines of communication between different health organisations is vitally important in ensuring patient safety. But with so many different care companies and NHS trusts out there, it can be hard consistanty share information across all parties. Alexandra noticed this problem when running a business called Alcove. Told us about the situation in the podcast.   

‘So, I had another business called Alcove which started in 2013. That was operating in the social care space. We were one of the first companies to use sensor technologies in the homes of older and disabled adults so they didn’t have to move into care homes. 

We could monitor patients and send real-time alerts to carers or loved ones if something went wrong. If somebody hadn’t got up at their normal time or if they’d fallen over or if they weren’t eating we could send a message to someone to solve the situation.   

Alcove did a lot of work in preventing hospital readmissions. So spanning both health and social care. This was where I encountered the problem that no information was being shared between health and social services because they were different organisations. 

There are established methods for sharing data in the NHS but there’s no precedent for good data sharing between health and social care. This inspired me to think about other areas in healthcare that can be improved by greater connectivity. Such as digital health apps, smart medical devices, etc. How does the data between all of these flow? The answer is it doesn’t.’ 

Show Notes:

00.32 London’s Silicon roundabout

01.36 Finding great talent as a startup

03.10 It’s not cheap to live in London 

04.37 Learning skills is a massive motivator

07.21 Collaborating in the Healthtech sector   

10.23 Learning from Hackathons   

12.21 Alex’s career progression

15.26 Working in corporate finance 

17.05 Poacher turned gamekeeper

19.17 Finding fulfillment

20.32 Tech for good and using Blockchain

24.20 Explaining Blockchain

25.57 The allure of Blockchain, technology is cool

28.35 Utilising technology in the healthcare space  

30.33 Setting business goals for Dovetail