In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Noor Van Boven, VP and Global Head of People at SoundCloud. They discuss the transition between being an employee to becoming an employer, how travel can change your perspective and help with your work life and celebrating your failures.

Show Notes:

1.57 What was Noor like as a child and was she interested in tech?
3.28 Keeping a natural curiosity in order to be successful.
4.20 Key characteristics for working in people management
7.18 Learning not to be overly reactive
9.05 Transitioning from employee to employer
12.09 The learning curve depends on the sector you are in
13.47 Travel experiences changing an outlook in the work environment
17.39 Encouraging your staff to step out of their bubbles 
21.08 Being or becoming an entrepreneur
22.12 Being inspired to just get up and do more things 
22.54 Generational diversity
24.52 Don’t be afraid to fail 
27.44 Surround yourself with supportive friends and family 
34.06 True management is allowing people to control their own career 
34.38 Fibrations