Alastair is Head of Product at Trint.

At one point Alastair was the lead UX and Head of Product at Trint. Juggling these roles in a small startup was a challenge but he excelled at it. Thankfully, this didn’t last long and Alastair was able to build out the product team to the size of four in a very short space of time. He sat down with Andy to talk through this growth on the podcast and talk about he ended up in his current role.   

Show Notes:

00.31 Working in Hackney and startups.

02.52 Alastair’s background and career progression.

05.12 How do you become a head of product.

08.33 What is Trint selling?

11.17 Building a business with constantly evolving tech.

14.57 Getting great feedback from your users.

18.25 Is it important to have a genuine interest in what you’re working on.

23.38 What keeps you motivated in your career.

27.29 Dealing with churn.