Elevate your analytics team: tips from the head of BI – David Jayatillake

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David is head of BI & Analytics at Elevate Credit International Limited.

David is a data leader with experience in Credit, Payments, Pricing, Revenue Management, e-commerce, and retail. Commercially astute, with strong C-level and global stakeholder management. He has the ambition to improve business performance. Assisting local area planning to protect against unsuitable development with analytics.

Show Notes:

00.31 Embracing the role of the CDO.

02.47 Extracting the maximum amount of value from data.

07.11 Do we need to change our approach to data?

08.28 How have attitudes to data changed during your career?

10.05 Will we get to a point where there is a linear path to a career in data?

12.03 What characteristics make a good data scientist?

14.11 Commercial thinking is a skill set in itself.

15.26 David’s background and career progression.

17.08 Allocating yourself a mentor.

19.03 Oracle, SQL server and big data.

22.29 Should we be worried about the pace data is advancing?

24.12 Becoming an analyst.