Leading change in a company as the Head of Data – Ryan Den Rooijen

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ryan Den Rooijen, Head of Data at Dyson. On the show, they discuss the new wave of talent entering the data space. Andy asks Ryan about how he goes about instigating a cultural change in a company. They also discuss why it’s important for technical people to be able to articulate their work.

Ryan has spent years at the forefront of big data analytics. He is currently working with a team of 30+ talented data experts to develop the analytical capabilities of one of the world’s most exciting companies. He frequently deliver keynotes on topics such as building data-driven organisations, managing change, and uncovering insights at scale. Conferences he has spoken at include the Data Insight Leaders Summit, the Chief Data Officer Summit, and Big Data LDN.

Show Notes:

1.10 The youthful energy that is prolific in the tech space and the importance of an individual’s approach to their job.

7.14 Having humility and transparency in business.

10.01 How to instigate a cultural change in your company.

15.40 Determining the value-add of a data team.

21.47 The necessity of technical people to be able to articulate their work.

23.43 Developing your team’s talents.

27.13 How do you ensure people are the right fit for your company.

31.07 Being open about your weaknesses in a job interview.

33.02 What are you excited about in the data space at the moment.