Combining hardware and software to track industrial machinery – Shweta Saxena

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Shweta is the CPO at Machinemax

Product management has been at the core of Shweta’s career journey. She has two decades of experience working for companies like; Thomas Cook,  Deloitte & Tesco.     

She started her career in eCommerce creating products for the eCommerce sector. Then she moved into mobile and worked on apps as a product manager too. 

Whilst working at Lego, Shweta started creating hardware products. She built a platform for them that let Lego showcase what they’ve currently been working on. It was here Shweta got really interested in IoT and how technology was making everything more connected. This interest led her to Machinemax. 

Building a culture where you can agree to disagree  


‘How do you create a culture where it is ok to agree to disagree? I imagine being a smaller startup would mean your flat hierarchy makes it quite easy to hear multiple opinions on an issue but how do you implement this in practice? 


‘Very good question Liam and you’re also alluding to the fact that it’s a lot easier to create a company culture when you’re a team of 6 or 7 people and you’re all gathered around one table. When you’re all sat in the same room you can start talking about culture very quickly.

What Machinemax tries to do is keep as much transparency as possible. We encourage people to speak their minds. So, for example, if a new person joins us and they’re not very sure what type of culture we operate we encourage them to speak their minds. This encouragement comes from our top managers and middle-managers and everyone in the business.       

We make it very clear that no one will be penalised for speaking out during a company meeting or white-board session. We really want the business to be full of healthy discussions. 

That being said, we still want a focus on productivity. So once everyone’s voiced their opinions on the matter and we’ve decided on a course of action we want the whole business to get behind that direction.’   

Show Notes:

00.50 Shweta’s background and career progression

03.32 Mobile apps, the next big thing?

05.25 Machinemax’s mission and journey

09.31 Keeping track of industrial machinery 

11.21 Disrupting the industrial space

13.44 Combining a mobile app and hardware

18.35 Hiring for culture fit?

22.05 Building a culture where you can agree to disagree

25.00 Tactics for attracting the best talent to your startup

28.26 Where can you find Machinemax