Ground-Breaking AI Technology @ Actuate | Ben Ziomek

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Ben Ziomek is CTO at Actuate. Actuate works to mitigate the costs of gun violence. They build firearm detection systems using computer vision software and artificial intelligence, turning any security camera into a smart camera. Their aim is to accelerate security response time and improve safety outcomes during active shooter situations, protect organizations from COVID-19, and help manage buildings more effectively.

Ben is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognized entrepreneur focused on AI product development and the commercialization of technology globally. With experience across product management, AI/machine learning, sales and marketing tech, M&A, and commercial partnerships. He has led teams of FTEs and contractors distributed across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas, and now is CTO at Actuate.

During the podcast, Ben sat down with Ben to discuss hiring in the security industry, selling the business to candidates, empowering engineers, and we discuss why there may be so few AI product companies in the market.