Getting the most out of your Martech – Simon Spyer

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Simon is Data Science & Marketing Technology Partner at Iris Worldwide  

Simon believes that the role of Marketing is to understand the customer so well that the product or service sells itself. His expertise is in deep customer insight, whether it be customer and Big Data analytics or qual/quant research, and activating this data in the latest marketing technology to help businesses sell more and more often.
He has extensive experience doing this in both B2C and B2B but his passion is B2C and he is fortunate enough to have worked for some iconic brands: Sainsbury’s, IKEA, Barclcaycard, KFC and News UK (The Sun) to mention just a few.

Show Notes:

00:47 – Simon’s Background and Experiences 

02:21 – The Relationship between Marketing and Advertising 

06:00 – Staying Specific in Martech

08:00 – Where People Usually Go Wrong with Marketing Data

10:00 – Common Pitfalls in Martech Adoption

15:30 – The Enablers of ‘Customer-centric’ Marketing

17:25 – Are the Metrics You’re Judging your Marketing on the Right Ones? 

21:00 – Simon’s CRM Philosophy

25:10 – Don’t Re-invent the Wheel with your Analytics

27:40 – Life at Iris Worldwide and their CRM Setup