Catherine is the Data & Analytics Practice Area Lead at Slalom

With a background in theoretical particle physics, Catherine did a PhD at the University of Liverpool before moving into the corporate world. 

Catherine chose to go into physics because she enjoyed the subject and it was a subject that came very naturally to her. She also knew the degree would give her great career options in the longer term.  

When she was doing her Ph.D. she realised that working at such detail on one specific problem wasn’t for her. Catherine found she preferred working in larger teams where they were tackling bigger more business orientated problems.     

When she left university and had decided against a career in physics a company called Detica came forward and offered Catherine a job as a data consultant. It was here that her physics background clicked with a career in data

After working at Detica for a number of years she moved to PwC and now she’s at Slalom.   

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Show Notes:

00.58 Catherine’s background and career progression

02.33 The Slalom story 

05.58 An ethical approach to consulting 

06.43 Being a female in technology 

09.27 Sponsorship & mentoring 

11.39 Female representation at board level 

15.40 Diverse groups need to see themselves in their leadership team 

17.03 Nurturing female talent in tech

19.05 Closed mouths don’t get fed  

21.55 Widening the pipeline of junior female talent 

25.18 The Lean In Circle 

27.53 Meetup recommendations


Location: Northern Powerhouse