GDPR, team building and the onion model – Klaas Ardinois

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Klaas is CTO at Azoomee

Klaas has years of experience in delivering bespoke software projects for firms in various industries. During this time he has built up significant experience in coaching and supporting Agile development teams and building lean organisations across the globe. Klaas puts emphasis on open communication and building the right value at the right time. His main goal is to deliver value in a fact based, predictable approach.


Azoomee is a fun learning platform for kids aged 5+. Available on any mobile device, a subscription to the award-winning Azoomee app gives families unlimited access to premium games, videos and activities in one place. Their mission is to make screen time meaningful for every child in the world. Azoomee is building the world’s largest library of games, videos and educational activities based on 21st Century skills like online safety, the world around us, problem-solving, technology and creativity.


Security and GDPR take center stage in this podcast. Andy ask Klaas about the measures Azoomee have taken to protect customer data. A large part of the show is also dedicated to hiring and Klaas tells us what he looks for in potential employee’s. He also tells Andy about his onion model, which is his way of looking at the layers of a project and career progression.

Show Notes:

00.32 Creating meaningful connections in your remote team.

04.01 Potential hires. Can we have a conversation?

06.05 Curiosity, A key trait of successful developers.

07.59 Keep in touch with your previous managers.     

09.02 Do a weekly one on one. Even if there isn’t much to say.

10.22 Transatlantic ‘one on ones’.

11.19 How to suggest extra-curricular career events without staff thinking there compulsory.

13.39 Dealing with data after GDPR.

15.45 Defusing GDPR scaremongering.

17.29 Complying to GDPR is just good practice.         

18.42 The onion model.

22.15 Don’t get lost in the noise of the office.     

23.40 Teaching the agile methodology at university.

25.24 Helping your team members take the next steps in their career.