Ian Bourne has worked at the Information Commissioner’s Office for more than two decades. He has extensive experience in data protection, privacy by design, international privacy compliance, and information security.

As a leader within the ICO, he has guided his department through several structural changes to the organisation. He has also successfully implemented new ideas and tech into his team.

One of Ian’s specialties is communicating the effects of ICO decisions on information governance policy to businesses and the wider public. On today’s podcast, he spells out the complexities of GDPR in plain English.

Show Notes:

1.18 What is the ICO?

2.56 The new GDPR rules

4.45 Press and publicity around the new rules

6.07 Blurred lines in data protection

8.55 Low-level breaches of principle

12.53 Collecting data for marketing purposes

15.25 Data protection in small companies

18.04 Using targeted content for personal gain

20.18 Policing the new regulations

24.07 Getting funding to support these new rules

25.30 How has GDPR changed since 1998

28.46 Time allowed to hold personal information

33.00 Keeping employees details on record.