15 steps to make your business GDPR defensible – Ian West

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ian West, Director of Digital Information at Project One. Ian talks Andy through his 15 steps any business should take to make their business GDPR defensible.

Ian West is a business leader with proven skills in transforming, developing and realising maximum revenue and profit potential of business propositions in the Private & Public sectors. He has expertise in the complete market and business development processes from strategic planning, target marketing, and solution positioning, whilst being focused on successful execution, exemplary deployment, and exceptional long-term service.

Show Notes:

2.32 How are we preparing for GDPR?

4.43 Why are people drawing parallels between GDPR and the year 2000.

7.17 Moving to Project One.

9.56 Understanding what your personal responsibilities are at a C-level when looking at GDPR.

11.19 Four key questions you need to answer to get to a defensible GDPR position.

19.26 If you don’t have a legitimate legal reason to be holding data, delete it.

20.57 How do you find a solution to your GDPR problems.

28.43 The six things that are the real thrust of a GDPR project.

38.13 Being in a GDPR defensible position.