Michael Copeland is the Chief Technology Officer at Kout.

If you dread the thought of shopping, this podcast is for you. As the CTO of Kout, Michael’s goal is to gamify e-commerce by creating a platform that lets users win big discounts on millions of products. This revitalises shopping by introducing an element of chance and excitement.

Kout is still in its infancy. It found funding in 2015 from Collider.io, the UK’s #1 tech accelerator. In that short time, the platform now boasts Amazon, Nike, Unilever, & Samsung as its partners.

Michael has been at the wheel during this period of evolution and growth. He is well versed in dealing with the challenges thrown out by a constantly changing eCommerce space. He came on the show to chat about innovation, VR, and the dread of clothes shopping.      

Show Notes:

0.31 Thinking up startup ideas.

4.03 Understanding what users want.

5.46 What Kout does.

9.30 How Kout distributes its product.

12.54 Industry leaders in gamification.

15.08 Does e-commerce need innovation?

18.09 When will VR and drone delivery become the norm in eCommerce?

19.48 The dangers of online clothes shopping.

23.30 The VR gaming revolution.

25.35 Michaels career in technology.

30.06 Dispelling the idea of a linear path into a career in tech.

33.18 The growing contractor market.   

36.13 Constantly learning in a technical role.

38.12 The Joe Rogan podcast.