“Banking is no longer boring, it’s all about cool payments” – Rich Wagner on future banking

Rich is CEO of Cashplus

A dynamic CEO Rich is determined to use his 30 years’ experience in US and UK financial services to help people take control of their finances. He’s passionate about leveling the playing field and giving as many people as possible access to straightforward, fast and efficient alternatives to ‘traditional’ banking services.

Rich was one of the UK’s first ever fintech entrepreneurs and disruptors. He continues to make an impact today and fights to support government promises to make the banking sector more competitive. Rich lobbies for non-banks to gain access to traditional payments infrastructure.


Cashplus believes banking services shouldn’t get in the way of life – they should enrich it.  So, although they’re not a bank, they’ve spent the past 12 years creating banking services that are fast, smart and simple. They hope these services will give High Street banks a run for their money. Cashplus’ overall mission is to ensure their business and personal customers aren’t slowed down but propelled forward by their technology.


Richard came on the show to speak to Andy about the future banking and how fintech startups are giving ‘traditional’ banks a run for their money.  

Show Notes:

00.32 Going to USC.

01.43 College sports.

02.27 Financing fintechs.

06.01 Businesses need to be more transparent.

08.16 Leveraging tech as an enabler.

11.30 Sexing up service-based industries.

14.51 Growth creates excitement.

16.40 Disrupting the banking space.

21.03 The consumer experience.

23.39 All the tech hires.

25.56 Automation technologies.

29.01 Disrupting degrees.

31.45 Strengths that land you in the CEO’s chair.

37.10 Advice for your younger self.

39.24 Hobbies.