Fundamental Principles for Success in a $5.5bn Business | Valentin Vincendon

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Valentin Vincendon is the Vice President of Business Intelligence at

Valentin’s career and outlook on success are truly inspiring, we hear the principles, habits, and mental models that helped Valentin reach his goals in the past 15 years

After following a career path around the globe, we discuss how to step outside your comfort zone and embrace different working cultures around the world, and the importance of being prepared to act on decisions quickly to further your career and not stagnate. 

The key to the success of a $5.5bn company:


“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else, that’s the general spirit but generally speaking the most important thing, in my opinion, is people again, and having that focus on people, which is definitely something that we have at checkout – getting the right people and making sure that they have the tools to execute and to scale as fast as possible, is the key to success.”


1:00 – The service provides and Valentin’s role there

3:00 – Is there more risk when making decisions in a $5.5bn company?

4.00 – The slow death of cash & moving into a cashless society 

4:45 – Vincent’s route to success

7:30 – Adapting to different working cultures around the world

12:30 – Making decisions fast and being prepared

13:50 – The pressures felt by recent graduates

15:30 – How to execute decisions for success

18:30 – The importance of choosing your boss

22:00 – What a leader looks for when recruiting 

25:00 – The culture and values of

27:30 – How to prepare for dramatic scale 

29:25- The right way to use data