“Coding has worked for me. It’s changed my life. In a way, I think coding makes you powerful. It’s a real world superpower when you can go up to a machine and create something out of nothing. It feels great”  – John Pavley       

John Pavley is  Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Viacom.

John is a technology leader with more than two decades of experience in mobile, web, server, and desktop applications. He has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies including Apple, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, LimeWire, Spotify, and Huffington Post.

In John’s own words, ‘software made him who he is today’. Early in life, he was unsure about his future. Then he discovered his first Macintosh. From that point on he knew coding would be a key a skill for society and made it his mission to inspire young people with a passion for software.

Show Notes:

1.40 The value of conferences for startups

5.05 Tips for navigating bigger conferences

8.20 Thinking in macro terms

10.36 Combining tech and business practices

14.49 Functional programming

21.27 Helping get young people into coding

23.30 How John got into coding

25.51 Predicting the future of automation

30.15 Why the world needs more software engineers

33.13 Engineering in school curriculums

36.22 Coding boot camps

41.02 Moving from Limewire to Spotify

46.49 Working and learning at the same time