Mita is a Senior Product Manager at Mindera  

Starting her career in the construction industry Mita advanced from an entry-level software developer to a development manager. She also spent 18 months in India setting up an offshore team.

After a successful career in software, she decided to move into product management. Mita felt she has mastered all things she wanted to as a developer and working on a product from conception, research and through to execution was an exciting proposition for her. 

Still working in the construction sector, Mita saw her company go through two acquisitions and ultimately get acquired by Oracle.      

Mita moved companies to Mindera to explore different industries. She wanted to get exposure to lots of different domains and cultures. She has spent the past 6 months running Mindera’s gambling products.

What makes a great company? 

‘For me, I think a transparent culture is important. And a company should give you opportunities to grow as a person. I believe that you should never stop learning. No matter how high you are on the corporate ladder there’s is always opportunities to grow.

Personal development and growth are two things I love. Finding new techniques for learning and listening to other people’s experiences as well as learning from your own is something I really enjoy. For me, that’s one thing I really like to do it learn and grow whether that’s internally or externally.’ – Mita Patel  

Show Notes:

01.07 Mita’s background and career progression

04.19 Learning Software Development in the construction industry

06.18 Old industries are becoming cool 

07.21 Understanding the domain your clients are in

08.57 Hiring talent from other industries 

11.33 The vision behind Mindera 

13.23 Finding fulfillment in your role    

15.06 Good company values create great staff

18.01 You can’t learn everything 

19.03 Finding fulfillment in your career

21.02 Working in a startup 

23.00 Setting yourself goals