In this episode, Andy Davis talks to John Masse, the Director of Front End Development at On the show, they chat about the skills you need to learn for a career in the tech industry. They also discuss how to identify talents that’s a cultural fit for your company. John also tells Andy about how he keeps ahead of the latest tech trends.

John believes in hard work and achieving goals as a team. He believes leadership is driven by being an example and getting your hands dirty. He has worked with developers in developing their craft and as an author of code. He also provides coaching to his team in their personal development. John has worked on projects that require a complete overhaul of existing corporate level applications. John has experience helping make large strategic decisions for my team and encourage those around me to continue to grow and challenge themselves.

Show Notes:

1.09 When did you first get involved in tech.

3.01 Turning your weakness into a strength.

4.09 The satisfaction you feel when achieving your goals.

5.39 What influences did you seek out when you were learning in your career?

8.07 What traits do you look for when seeking out new talent to add to your team.

11.00 How do you identify who has a cultural fit for a company when looking at hiring new talent.

13.57 Do you think your values and approaches to business have changed since starting your career.

18.32 How do you manage the rapid rate of change in technology?

26.41 What’s keeping you excited going forward in your career?