From Silicon Valley to Rural Germany | Anthony Mayer @ Getsafe

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Anthony Mayer is Vice President of Engineering at Getsafe.

Anthony had previously worked for many start-ups in Silicon Valley, then decided to make the move to rural Germany to help with Getsafe’s mission to revolutionize the insurance industry.

Since launching in 2018 in Germany, Getsafe has expanded to the UK and is now looking into further European markets. The company is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, with a satellite office in London, and employs more than 120 people. It is one of Europe’s best-funded insurtechs, serving over 150,000 customers.

During the podcast episode, Ben sits down with Anthony to discuss what it’s actually like living and working in Silicon Valley, and what the catalyst was to move away from that life. We also discussed how Getsafe simplifies the insurance industry using cutting-edge technology, and how Anthony stays productive during long periods of focus.