“Let’s give the financial services market a bigger mission than money. I’m hoping to build something that people will care about and will love. Not because it has a great user experience, even though it is, but because it genuinely cares about people becoming their best selves. We’re not in this business for the money but we’re in it to create a movement that helps people actualise their full potential” Josh on changing the world with fintech software     

Josh is Co-founder & CTO at Yulife.

An experienced executive and entrepreneur Josh creates value in a digital world. He helps big businesses adapt to leverage the power of web, mobile, and data. Josh is an Inspiring and enthusing team leader who wants to push the boundaries of what has been done before, creating award-winning digital and mobile strategies. He enjoys managing projects from inception to execution both within the UK and Internationally.


Yulife is the world’s first lifestyle insurance company. We bring together life insurance, wellbeing & rewards in one simple app using fintech software.


Josh sat down with Andy to talk about Yulife from inception to now. They also chat the innovative way Josh informed the design of his fintech software by consulting a dungeons & dragons game master.

Show Notes

00.31 Jamming! Creating gems.

03.51 Coworking vs remote working.

04.59 Leveraging ideas with Dungeons & Dragons.

07.47 There’s value in innovation.

13.13 Can large companies truly be innovative.

15.45 Life shouldn’t be ‘me, me, me’.

17.46 The 21st century demands a customer-centric approach.

19.43 Automation in large organisations.

24.06 Josh’s hiring philosophy.

26.45 Entrepreneurship is a way of life.