Finding talent to build virtual worlds – Sean Fanning

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Sean is Talent Manager at Improbable

Sean is currently on a mission to hire a new generation of leaders across all spaces and verticals at Improbable.


Improbable is dedicated to building powerful technology designed to help solve previously impossible problems and enable the creation of new realities. In gaming and entertainment, Improbable unlocks truly next-generation game play through virtual worlds of unprecedented scale, persistence and richness. In other industries, we hope to help answer critical questions through simulations that could lead to a better functioning world.


On the show Sean talks to Andy about filling the skills gap in technical disciplines. They also discuss how to maintain a strong company culture in the face of business growth and chat about hiring employees based on company values.



Show Notes

00.32 The technological skill gap

03.24 Going above and beyond in your technical role.

05.11 Adapting to an evolving company culture

10.11 Constantly growing and developing to stay relevant

11.00 Hiring people based on company values

14.08 Can computers solve hiring challenges.

16.37 Commiting to a vision when hiring talent.      

18.52 Don’t let the tech skill shortage force you into hiring the wrong staff.

22.43 Continually improving processes.

24.51 Setting yourself goals.