Finding and hiring data science rockstars – Dat Tran

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Dat is the Head of Data Science at Idealo Internet.

Dat can build data teams as well as data systems. He believes creating a well-balanced team of individuals is crucial to the success of any data science project. Dat has a passion for finding candidates willing to learn with a ‘can do’ attitude. On today’s show, Dat shares his recipe for creating the perfect data team.

Show Notes:

0.30 The cultural difference between Germany and the UK.

3.32 Raising capital for your startup

5.25 Where did Dat’s interest in technology develop?

6.36 What skills suite a data science career?

8.47 Hiring data professionals

11.08 Tackling misconceptions around data science

12.11 Attracting the right talent to data science

15.24 Hiring a well-balanced data science team

16.45 Dealing with the frustrations around hiring   

17.37 Core attributes that make a great data scientist

20.13 Collaborating with other teams as a data scientist

22.17 Moving into management