Richard Jarvis Director of Big Data Solutions UK & Ireland at DXC Technology.

Richard has worked in IT & telecommunications for 15 years and is currently mentoring and directing a team of 25 people. He is leading teams spread over several continents using cutting-edge technologies leveraging Hadoop, Spark, Angular, Electric Search and more. Richard enjoys sharing his technical knowledge and is a regular speaker at events.   

Show Notes:

0.33 Pushing yourself to be creative in the top level of business.

3.52 A more customer-centric model is in demand in the 21st century.

4.58 Staying technical as a business leader.

5.49 Creating alternate career routes for those not wanting to go into management.

7.36 Finding the best leaders.

10.17 The ‘one company man’ is dead.

13.44 What makes people stay at a company for a long time.

18.21 The freedom to move around in your career is empowering.

21.49 Don’t lie on your CV, show a willingness to learn.

23.38 Having the ‘right attitude’ as a new hire.

28.10 Characteristics that make a great data professional.

31.24 Reading recommendations from Richard.

33.29 Do you need a genuine passion for what you’re doing to truly be innovative.