Tiffany is CIO and director of technology at Cancer Research UK.

Before working in the nonprofit sector Tiffany held several positions at the BBC including the Head of Technology at BBC News. She also spent over 5 years as a member of the CIO advisory board at The Tech Partnership.

Tiffany has experience of strategy definition, technology roadmaps, business transformation, change management, outsourced IT services, programme delivery, fostering innovation, public-sector procurement processes, central IT platforms, IT migration, system upgrades, delivering added value through the adoption of new technologies.

Show Notes:

00.33 Is it important to have a rigid definition of what a CIO does?

04.17 Has there been an increased awareness of data in recent years.

06.58 Making sure your company has consistent messaging.   

08.18 Tiffany’s background and career progression.

11.27 Technologies impact on the charitable sector.

15.16 Better research, better information, better decisions.

16.18 How do you structure your day?

19.20 How do you prioritise your tasks?

21.29 Working remotely vs office work.

25.15 Building out diverse teams.