In this episode Andy Davis talks to Justin Zhen, Co-Founder of Thinknum, about his entrepreneurial spirit, living in New York and managing a financial start up.

Show Notes:

1.33 When Justin’s interest in technology started

3.38 Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit

5.28 Which came first; numbers or technology?

6.31 Living in New York creating an interest in finance

7.37 The start-up scene in New York

9.34 Taking an idea into a business and the process

11.28 Finding the right people and how to know they’re a good fit

13.57 How to keep the team motivated and in line with the company vision

15.13 Explaining the business case to engineers

17.27 Fostering a sense of competition internally

19.33 How much time and money to invest in innovation

20.43 What is Justin excited about next in technology