Cliff is the CTO at Stash

Originally a physics major, Cliff did his degree in 1997. He has always dabbled in code and wrote programs at home when growing up. He learnt by programming his own choose your own adventure games.   

After college Cliff started working for the department of defense and worked as a civilian scientist. During this time the use of computers in Cliff’s everyday life really started to ramp up. He found himself learning different coding languages after work and building websites for people. 

Around 2006 Cliff re-enrolled in graduate studies and he got a Masters in Computer Science. He moved to Jersey to work at a startup which was his first real programming job. After this, he moved to several different companies before heading to Stash, one of the fastest-growing investing and banking apps in the U.S. 

Show Notes:

01.03 Cliff’s career journey 

05.19 Baulder’s Gate and choose your own adventure

06.44 The evolution of the technical career path 

09.36 Cliff’s time in defense 

12.25 Moving from a large corporate to a startup 

16.07 What does Stash do?

18.00 Cliff’s role as the CTO 

20.01 Implementing tech as a CTO

22.31 Company growth at Stash   

26.35 Hiring engineers at Stash

28.26 Safeguarding culture when you’re growing  

32.34 The challenges of remote working 

34.22 Attracting the best talent to Stash 

37.22 Fintech disruption  

40.29 The future of Stash