Matt is VP of Engineering at

Overseeing the build of our personal finance platform designed to empower millennials to become their own financial advisers.


Finimize is on a mission to empower everyone to become their own financial advisor. They provide the information and tools you need to invest with confidence.




Show Notes:

00.32 Software engineers are instrumental in shaping products.

02.10 Startups make dev’s focus on the bottom-line.

03.12 An engineering team need to be proactive and reactive.

04.33 Tackling the product of financial literacy.

06.12 Hiring people who can move your project forward.

07.40 Building a product based on customer feedback.   

09.59 Finding your startups ‘product-market fit’.

11.50 Using your product to encourage specific behaviours from your customers.   

14.01 Methodologies vs Culture.

16.21 Encouraging people to grow their wealth.

18.21 The open source philosophy.

20.03 Silicon valley’s willingness to share ideas.

21.03 Taking the team to external meetups.

21.44 Optimising for local maxima, not global maxima.

23.34 Combating the irrational behaviours people display around finance.