In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Stuart Peck, Head of Cyber Security Strategy at ZeroDayLab, about working against cybercrime. They discuss how Stuart found this career, how he chooses new hires and the inside workings of hacking groups.

Show Notes:

1.58 The importance of app updates
2.52 Double pulsar vulnerability in cybersecurity
4.18 Vulnerable software
9.09 Always being behind the curve in the fight against cybercrime
8.48 The organisational structure of hacking groups
10.16 Learning the hacker skills without becoming a hacker yourself
13.21 Bug bounty programmes
14.50 The journey from sales into tech
22.42 Is a dramatic career change always a good idea?
29.14 Keeping a focus on what’s important in your day-to-day life
 30.55 The future of the cybersecurity space