Using communities to dispel public fears around artificial intelligence – Sherin Mathew

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Sherin is Founder at AI Tech UK & a Microsoft Analytics and AI Solution Architect at IBM.

Sherin is an expert in helping businesses with Cloud adoption and AI-readiness by defining a Cloud Data Strategy, artificial intelligence strategy and ultimately architecting a fit-for-purpose Enterprise scale architecture. He builds solutions that are scalable to meet the current BI and Analytics demand and also the future artificial intelligence and Big Data requirements.

He has over 12 year’s experience working in technical and analytical roles within multinational companies. Sherin specialise in applying Business Intelligence and Azure E2E Cloud implementation experience in Data Warehousing and realising the BI Strategy.

AI Tech UK

AI Tech UK is a collaborative platform for artificial intelligence innovation. It’s a forum for AI expression and innovation, welcoming decision makers to decision influencers along with the hustlers, enablers, thinkers, and disruptors all under one roof talking about the new trend – Intelligence! AI-Tech is a platform to bring like-minded, passionate and AI-enthusiasts together.


On the show, Sherin talks Andy through everything artificial intelligence. They discuss how best to combat the public’s fears around artificial intelligence and chat about how AI will create more jobs not less.


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Show Notes:

00.36 Understanding AI.

11.59 Sherin’s blog and online community.

12.57 Is AI stealing our jobs?

21.28 New jobs created by AI?

23.42 Where do you get started if you want to learn AI?