Facilitating digital transformation in the banking sector – Ed Kelly

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Ed is a Senior Technology Manager at Sapient Global Markets

An accomplished visionary and resilient Senior Technical Manager Ed’s career spans over 10 years. He has been responsible for leading, mobilising and delivering cost-effective and scalable technology solutions for clients across a variety of sectors. As a lead polyglot Engineer he has a consistent track record in aligning business, strategy and technology needs, whilst being able to build and maintain trusted and collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, vendors, clients, and business leaders. He is solution-focused with proven success in driving business innovation using Agile and Scrum principles.

Show Notes:

00.59 The open banking roll out for Lloyds banking group

03.53 Since when was banking cool?

05.21 Overcoming regulatory red tape to allow for scale

07.19 Harnessing DevOps methodologies to grow at scale

09.04 Digital transformation timescales in the finance sector

13.09 Finding solutions with clients through compromise

15.17 Key considerations to think about if you’re growing at scale

17.44 A ‘good’ culture is key to growing at scale

20.36 It’s beneficial to have less granular engineers   

22.01 The more you enable engineers the more productive they’ll be