In this episode of Venturi’s Voice, Andy talks to Benji Hyam about the importance of external networking. Benji is an expert B2B Content Marketer who after an outstanding career in Silicon Valley has now started 2 business; Grow & Convert and

Through his website, Grow & Convert he tells stories on strategies that attract large amounts of targeted traffic and convert into paying customers. Wordable is a SaaS app that brings blog posts from Google Docs to WordPress with the click of a button – it saves content marketers hours on formatting blog posts. He grew the company to over 500 customers within the first month of launch and are now focused on scaling. 

Show Notes:

 Who is Benji Hyam and what has be done so far? 1.06

Do you need empathy as a leader? 2.10

How did Benji construct his leadership style? 3.03

The importance of being surrounded by people who care 4.31

Benji’s take on the problem of retaining employees 6.51

If you invest in your team then you earn respect and loyalty 7.35

How to empower staff with low resources 8.59 

Be open to new ideas 11.28

Trusting the new person you’ve hired 13.21

Is hiring the most difficult problem in any company? 14.14

Why marketing has become the most difficult position to hire for 15.13

Emphasis on external networking 17.42