In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Bhaskar Dasgupta, the MD and Chief Operating Officer at UK export finance. On the show, they discuss the importance of keeping your eye on the external factors that can affect your business, not losing sight of the practical business applications of technology,  and the importance of continual learning and strategy refinement.

Bhaskar Dasgupta: As the Chief Operating Officer of UK Export Finance, Bhaskar is responsible for the digital strategy, transaction management, and operations for his department. Bhaskar’s mission is to ensure that no viable UK export fails for lack of finance or insurance, he does this whilst ensuring no operating costs are paid by the taxpayer.

Show notes:

1.10 The difference between thinking internally and externally in business.

3.00 What practices do you carry out to ensure you have a good understanding of external factors that may affect your business.

5.30 The importance of constantly having an outward view when going into the corporate world.

9.00 Bhaskar’s background and career development.

11.00 The importance of keeping technology in a space where it is usable and relevant to a business.

13.50 B2B Sales strategies.

14.40 Interview and job hunting techniques.

16.25 Discussion on the ability of candidates to be able to deliver in a working environment.

19.00 Continual learning in the tech world.

22.20 Approaches to leadership.

24.40 Why you should constantly be reiterating your objectives and strategies.

26.20 What motivations keep you oriented.