Stuart is a serial startup entrepreneur, an entrepreneurship mentor at Launch22 and founder of The Cult London. 

Stuart has always had an entrepreneurial streak. He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and he loves entrepreneurship. When he was 16 he received £300 in birthday money and over three years he invested it and grew it to £30,000. This was the capital for his first startup.

From here Stuart has built several startups and has also worked at large corporates like Deloitte and PwC. His experience in both large and small companies has proved invaluable in his mentoring work. He is currently a mentor at Launch22 and is the founder of the entrepreneur community The Cult London.

Show Notes:

01.42 Stuart’s background and career progression

04.18 Entrepreneurs look to their own lives for inspiration

06.19 The win, win, win scenario

07.24 Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur 

09.35 A good business should make money

10.35 Eat what you kill

12.06 Startup to corporate to startup 

15.45 Trying to act like a startup 

18.16 Can’t hack the startup

20.55 Creating psychological security at work 

22.37 Becoming a mentor 

25.44 The Cult London

30.38 How can you join The Cult