Structuring your employee’s career progression – Aaron Randall

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Aaron is CTO at Songkick

This episode focuses on career progression and creating a clear career structure for members of your company. Aaron has built and published a ‘growth framework’ for the staff at Songkick and he has shared it in a blog post so anyone serious about staff development can incorporate it into their business. Aaron chats about this on the show and Andy also ties this in with the sharing economy that has been adopted by many tech professionals.


Songkick is a live music startup. Since 2007, we’ve set about making it as easy, fun and fair as possible for you to see your favorite artists live. Right now, more than 15 million music fans across the globe use Songkick to track their favorite artists, discover awesome concerts and never ever miss out.



Podcast Show Notes:

00.31 Sharing articles about growth frameworks.

02.50 The internet has made society more transparent.

05.06 What motivated you to build your growth framework?

06.48 What direction is Songkick heading?

08.55 How are we keeping our technical staff engaged and motivated.

11.53 Making strategic career decisions.

14.28 How are companies structuring their technical teams.

16.22 Collaborating with non-technical teams.

17.36 Monitising technical products.  

20.28 Where do you go when you get to the top of your career ladder?

22.18 How do you find fulfillment as a CTO.

26.07 The growth of VR.