Diversifying DevOps: fostering innovation in your tech team – Gabriel Cismondi

Methodologies & Skills Development
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Gabriel Cismondi, Head of DevOps and architectures at Fuse Universal. Gabriel is a Lead DevOps Engineer, with a mixed background of system administrator and software developer, strongly passionate about agile, team dynamics and cultural changes that enables tech teams high perform and deliver great quality. In his career, he’s worked in small companies and startups but also experienced working with corporates companies, in both hands-on and consultant roles, often facing clients.

They discuss company culture and how best to employ it. They also touch on the advantages of having a diverse DevOps team and balancing people skills with technical know-how.

Show Notes:

1.06 Talking about cultural change.

3.51 Aligning your culture with your team.

6.04 The challenges associated with challenging people.

8.00 The enjoyment in researching things to invest your time in.

8.59 Gabriel’s career development and background.

11.30 Having both people skills and technical know-how.

12.42 How did you get into development and operations?

15.12 The diversity present in DevOps teams.

16.58 Do you find your current role provides a compelling environment to work in.

18.15 How much difference have modern methodologies made on the way we work?

20.20 Concentrating and focusing on your outcomes.

22.07 What technologies are you most excited about seeing in the near future?