Jill the CEO at Click Travel

When Jill joined Click Travel the company had 40 members of staff and had just turned over 30 million. They’re now 236 people strong and they’ve just turned over 240 million. This growth happened in the space of 6 years. 

She’s an experienced Managing Director with a sustained record of delivering success in fast-growth businesses covering Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, legal and Customer Service. Jill is an inspirational leader and outstanding team player who, through a participative approach, creates robust strategies to translate vision into action. She possesses strong analytical, leadership and decision-making skills with a passion for customer care and quality together with excellent communication skills.

Show Notes: 

00.30 It’s always good to be prepared 

02.11 Need to see your doctor, Whatsapp them!

02.48 Is automation really saving us time?

04.13 Disrupting the travel space

05.55 Removing bureaucracy in business

07.23 Disruption makes industries cool

09.12 Creating a passionate workforce 

10.54 Jill’s journey to CEO 

13.51 Jill’s WiT talk 

17.15 Readdressing the gender in tech 

20.47 Proving your company culture through actions

24.22 Consistency is a requirement for change 

26.25 Diversity of thought 

28.43 Birmingham’s tech scene