In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jon Wright, Founder at Emmkit LLC. On the show, they discuss Jon’s move to America and how he adapted to the cultural differences in his working life. They also chat about the education system in the US and how companies are still placing emphasis on traditional educational routes such as university. They go on to consider how online courses and self-taught tech professionals are disrupting the traditional ivy league colleges. Andy also asks Jon about the qualities he looks for in new starters to his company and asks Jon about the methods he used to determine which candidates are the best fit for his business.  

Show Notes:

1.10 Jons experiences moving over to America.

3.37 Why isn’t America approaching different ways of on-boarding staff.

8.53 Instigating a cultural shift in companies to change their on-boarding practices.

12.20 Apprenticeships and internships and the education sector being prime for disruption.

14.48 Educational curriculums always playing catch up with the rate of change of technology.

16.48 Jon’s hiring practices.

19.01 The various different approaches candidates take to prove they’re committed to a career.

21.14 Putting the responsibility of education onto employers.

22.06 Beyond a candidate’s technical abilities what soft skills do you look for in a potential employee.

25.37 In the short time you have to interview a candidate how do you come to a decision whether to hire them or not?

28.55 How was the transition to management for you and how did you find it?

32.45 Tech professionals needing a broader set of skills in the 21st century.

37.22 The lack of stigma around “quitting” a job in the US.