Measuring Success – Mark Graban

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Failing fast – Podcast highlight  


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Mark is a Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Improvement Geek, Coach, & Senior Advisor to KaiNexus.

His passion lies in applying Lean and Toyota Production System principles in hospitals to improve quality of care and patient safety, improve patient experience, help the development of medical professionals and employees, and build better workplaces and stronger organizations for the long term.

Mark has written several well-received books on lean healthcare including;

Both books received the Shingo award for research into operational excellence.

Mark also runs and is a regular speaker at healthcare conferences. He joins Andy to discuss the issues and lessons presented in his latest book ‘Measures of Success’.


Show Notes:

00.30 Talking podcasting.   

02.32 Countering the demand for traffic with quality content.

05.04  Common mistakes when attempting to measure success.

08.03 Effective metrics for measuring a team’s success.    

11.28 Mark’s background and career progression.

14.33 Lean and Eric Ries.  

19.09 Failing fast.

22.53 Improving for the sake of improving.

27.32 Using automation to eliminate monotonous tasks.

31.38 Reasons to work in the Health Tech space.