Richard is the Head of Digital Retail at Answer Digital  

Fast approaching his 10th year at Answer Digital, Richard is very passionate about all things agile. He’s an agile project manager and scrum master who has worked in a variety of industries and sectors. He has recently been working closely with the retail sector helping companies deliver agile change projects and programs and facilitating scalable initiatives. 

Applying agile principles to non-technical teams

Agile principles have traditionally been the preserve of a company’s technical team. But as technology seeps into more and more aspects of business so does it’s supporting methodologies. This has led to non-technical teams adopting aspects of scrum and agile to improve team productivity and efficiencies. Richard told us how non-technical teams are adopting agile in the show.

‘It is absolutely plausible that agile methodologies can extend beyond a technical team. I’ve recently had conversations with people about the emergence of agile HR, agile marketing, agile finance. 

I think the days where people view agile and agile adoption as the domain of a siloed IT are on the decline. It’s certainly not behind us but we’re on the path to understanding that there is a much broader application of agile.

This evolution comes back to a company’s mindset, process adoption and how it wants to deliver value to a proven customer need. And how it aims to improve that over time. It doesn’t matter who that customer is or what they want to buy. It doesn’t even have to be about software. Agile is the concept of value, customer, and understanding why we’re doing something. 

So yeah I think it can be applied to any sector. ‘            

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Show Notes:

00.31 Richards career

01,24 Answer Digitals service offering 

02.31 Digital strategy & business strategy

03.39 Organisational structure and digital transformation

05.06 Applying agility to non-technical teams

07.13 Is there any value left in Waterfall methodologies?

08.51 Helping retail companies with their digital transformations

11.23 Mediating client demands 

13.11 Agile and digital transformation

14.44 What is agile?

15.36 Why do companies struggle to adopt agile?

17.55 Agile isn’t a silver bullet

19.02 The agile delivery phase

21.17 The future of agile 

23.13 Further reading 

24.27 Where is answer Digital?