Digital Transformation, the positive effects it can have on your business – David Biden

Emerging Technologies & Business
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to David Biden, Delivery Director at Not Binary, about the challenges of applying digital transformation to your business. David currently leads the digital delivery on a number of enterprise-wide change programmes across an ever increasing group of sectors. David enjoys helping companies transition to digital businesses and he enjoys working with businesses to get their products and services to their new digital destination.

They also discuss fusing the business and digital strategies of a company and the role A.I and automation will have on business.

Show Notes:

1.06 How are things going in your new venture?

4.00 What are you taking on in terms of your company’s Digital transformation?

7.21 Digitally transforming traditional sectors and facing the digital challenge.

9.09 Start-up disrupters and existing companies going digital.

11.11 What are the rationales behind legacy businesses coming to you to help them go digital?

13.34 Is it ever frustrating working with people who don’t have the same drive as yourself?

15.20 Do you find yourself outcome-driven when working on projects.

16.55 No organisation should now have a business strategy and a digital strategy.

18.05 What is now expected of digital and technical people is now so much more.

19.41 Technology and its effects on the job market.

22.21 Looking towards A.I and automation.

25.04 What is it that you’re most compelled about in technology at the moment?