Creating a digital audio personalisation company – Steve Dunlop

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Steve is the Founder & CEO of A Million Ads  

Growing up in a house that loved radio Steve feels he was always destined to start A Million Ads. The company is a digital audio personalisation company. Audio and radio were always around Steve growing up. 

Steve did engineering at university and then spent 5-6 years as a strategy consultant. But he really wanted to do radio as a profession so he quit his job and moved to Manchester to work for Xfm. After this, he worked for Intel in California and then went to Global Radio where he was the head of corporate strategy. Steve finished at Global Radio in 2015 to found Million Ads.   

Show Notes: 

00.41 Steve’s background and career experiences 

03.50 Working in radio and with podcasts

07.51 The technology behind A Million Ads

10.39 People don’t mind adverts if they’re relevant 

13.32 Getting excited about change

14.50 Building A Million Ads 

20.40 Raising money for your business

27.10 The future of sonic branding


Location: Northern Powerhouse