In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Tom McLaughlin, Founder at ServerlessOps. On the show they discuss the difficulty of hiring for a DevOps startup. Andy asks Tom about his career progression. They also chat about Tom founding ServerlessOps and some of the challenges he had to overcome.

Tom likes to ask what does Ops mean in a serverless world? He founded ServerlessOps to help you to design, build, and run reliable serverless systems.

Show Notes:

1.05 Articulating what the DevOps role requires.

3.49 Bring on appropriate people for your team.

5.08 Toms career progression and background.

9.26 Having a disciplined approach to staying on your career path.

11.42 The consumer dictates the pace that technology moves at.

13.08 Tom’s current projects.

17.57 Educating people about the serverless market.

21.07 Still learning about ServerlessOps.